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Ride2GO! is an integrated platform aimed at managing a plethora of demand responsive transport systems, i.e. bus on demand, disabled transport, school bus.
Its core is composed by an optimization engine which minimizes the costs related to the fleet while maximizing the service levels. A number of parameters and settings make this software highly customizable and suitable for different scenarios.
Ride2GO! can be used as a module to be integrated into third party software or as a complete web based solution, with a rich and interactive GUI. There is a large number of parameters which user can set to adapt the behavior of the engine and thus the solution, to his needs. For each request a time window for pickup and drop can be specified, as well as the maximum time that a passenger (or, equally, a good) can stay on board.
Travel time between points of interest can be either computed (i.e. by predictive algorithms or by measuring shapefile features) or set by the user. This way the route followed by the vehicles are not predefined but dynamic and adapted to the real demand.

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